Little`e Healey, formerly of What’s in Emma’s Brain & Emma’s Brain Blogs, is a thirty-something, mother of three, ruler of too many cats, four dogs, a swear-filled Corella and a chicken.
Raised by hippies in the Wollondilly shire of NSW, Australia, Emma can be found rubbing her temples and sighing a lot, being a mum, writing here, writing something else, pretending to be far cooler than she actually is on social media, crocheting penis’s or with her mates at Valerie Van.
Little~e is one of Australia’s most well-established humour bloggers, a proud member of the estrogen army and social media weenie.
Little~e has always wanted to be a writer but stumbled a great deal with several attempts when she discovered her interrupted schooling limited her. ~’I didn’t even know, what I didn’t know, or where to begin to find out’ She says.
Little~e has candidly discussed, what she refers to, as a series of life events: Childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence and self-medicating her tired soul, resulting in a pregnancy at sixteen. ‘ He is now a man, and the most terrific human being I have ever met’.
After discovering she used the wrong YOUR on her facebook page for three months, Little~e decided to Get her shit together and sit her HSC, the results of which secured her a limited place in the coveted Creative Writing Degree, at the University of Wollongong, where she learned to correct, frustratingly slowly, most of her grammatical mistakes, and fatal writing errors.

‘I cried for four days on and off when I discovered just how much my lack of education was really impacting on my life and my sense of value and worth but I also cried for four days on and off when I finally completed my HSC. Swings and roundabouts.’


Her university experience resulted in HD average grades, and several inspirational teachers who ‘took the time to tell me that I simply had to finish this book, because it could be good if I wanted it’. Sometimes I still feel like I am simply embarrassing myself or just advertising how uneducated I am, and then I see exactly how many people are reading this self-indulgent tripe, then I think maybe I’m doing okay, I don’t know if that ever goes away though, so I just had to get comfortable with embarrassing myself’.

Writing this as thinly veiled fiction gives me a much better outlet to discuss really tough things, with as much honesty as I can. It is really important to discuss the world as we experience it, as honestly as we can. I will never tell what parts are true and what parts aren’t though.

Formally of What’s in Emma’s brain and Emmasbrain blogs, Contributor at Mama Mia. Digital parents, Her Collective, Her Radio, & Talking social media with Captain Pat.
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